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Thanks to our expertise and the experience developed over many years working in hydraulics and pneumatics applied to transport and movement, we can offer a diversified range of products and services, which we realize based on projects developed to the specifications requested by the customer .

Our technicians employ their skills, including engineering, working in partnership with the customer.
From here we begin to develop the project and its production in partnership with the client, all the way to  supporting the end user through the commissioning process  and in post-sale assistance and scheduled maintenance .

Cosnav stands out for the ability to combine industrial production efficiency with the pursuit of the highest quality in each detail, employing qualified, skilled craftsmanship during the various production stages.


Driving Systems

Always committed to quality and research, one of our distinguishing traits is continuous technological growth driven by innovation. Just like our mechanical workshop, when it comes to everything concerning driving systems Cosnav is the only partner you need,  to take care of everything from the order to the actual construction and installation. The Department dedicated to handling works in synergy with the mechanical workshop, developing always innovative and custom-tailored solutions that often become full-fledged patents and innovations.

-HPUs (Hydraulic Power Units)
-Design and technical consultancy
-Customised interior design
-VRC (Valve remote control) systems
-Towing and launching systems
-Anchor windlasses
-Bathing ladders
-Handling of ship tailgates
-Full installations of control panels and electric panels

Mechanical Workshop

We have a mechanical workshop whose machine tool department includes lathes, boring machines, milling cutters, strippers, grinders, reamers and balancing machines. Thanks to the engineering expertise of the mechanical department workers we can take charge of the project, develop it, build and assemble every part of it up to the final test.

-Multi-axis turning and grinding works – up to 10500 mm
-Dynamic balancing of rotating bodies maximum diam. 970 mm
-Construction and reconditioning of mechanical parts
-Repositioning of material on shafts and bushes
-Tunnel reaming for axles of ships and yachts
-Axial alignment checks and adjustment
-Building of full shaft lines
-Design and construction of helms
-Alignment control with high precision optical collimator
-Hydro power inspection and maintenance
-Installation and alignment of on board machinery such as engines, gear reducers, steering systems, stabilizer fins, bow thrusters, flaps etc.

Innovative Naval Mechanics

Cosnav S.r.l., in addition to being specialized in naval mechanics and hydraulic movements, has been operating in the naval sector since many years, with naval and industrial installations, thanks to its slim structure and its proven technical and production capabilities. A variety of genera at extremely competitive prices

Our company employs skilled technicians and certified welders and works with its own tools: currently the staff directly employed amounts to 45 units. Moreover, in case of need, our Company employs specialized staff from outer companies of proven reliability, which operate under our Direction, composed of experienced personnel who has contributed to the construction of more than 60 yachts.

In addition to the construction of hulls and superstructures – either alloy and steel – COSNAV S.r.l. can carry out all the specifications that are required by the Customers, such as for example light carpentry, ports, outside structural furniture, masts and anything else that is necessary to complete the carpentry parts of the boats.